Located in Akron, Ohio is solo artist MIIKØ (Michael Obrycki).

Having spent the past ten years working as an audio engineer & producer, MIIKØ has always held a close relationship with music. Over the course of the last year, he has found himself stepping from behind the studio desk and creating his own work - a sound and style that combines elements of indie rock and electronic pop.


You can hear the amount of detail poured into every track he creates. From the laid back and hypnotic melodies found within, “The Feeling” to the unforgettable piano hooks in his song, “WAVES” - MIIKØ strives to create a memorable atmosphere in which others can draw inspiration from. His vocals carry a warm and organic tone, one that is instantly uplifting and incredibly memorable. You can experience these warm vocal melodies in his single, “On My Own” in which a soulful chorus floats throughout the track and leaves you wanting more. Coupled with his mesmerizing instrumentation, MIIKØ crafts an environment and atmosphere that is unique and resonates deeply with listeners from across the world.


“I feel you truly have to understand what you’re going through to get through things, and what better way to understand what I’m feeling than to write about it, as it forces you to dig deep and focus on it,” echoes MIIKØ as he describes the raw and genuine connection he has with each song he crafts. It’s this unique and refreshing approach to the songwriting process that makes MIIKØ an artist to watch as he continues to make a name for himself in today’s music landscape.


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